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We like to share what our clients have experienced. 

Our Destination Wedding

Surrounded by our closest friends and family, it was an experience that we will never forget.  Since we all were there before the wedding, the party never stopped.


      It was a humbling experience to walk into a church that was hand crafted by freed slaves.  Looking closely at the pillars, we were able to see how each one was slightly different, depending upon the skill level of the person who crafted it.  Once into the balcony we saw where the slaves were hidden as they made their way to freedom.  The history of this building and all it stood for will continue because the building itself is a living monument.   Anthony

The remarkable view of Virginia Beach from our balcony.   James & Dorothy


 The thing about going on vacation is not just to relax, but it's to try new things. If you're undecided on something you should just go ahead and do it.  That was the advice my travel agent gave and I'm glad I listened!






I had such a blast learning how to surf thanks to my wonderful instructor and of course now I have plenty of pictures to show everyone!!!Alana from Hawaii

Culinary Tour of San Francisco's China Town.


the travelers


The beauty of the North Woods.  It was hard to leave the serenity of the UP and go back to our daily life.  Thanks Dave, for finding us such a peaceful place to just swim, boat, fish and enjoy.   The Knox Family