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You need ONLY an original birth certificate if you are leaving from a U.S. port.  This can be changed so always ask for more information.  If you are married and the birthcertificate is under your maiden name, you might also want to bring along your marriage certificate to expedite your boarding process.  Your passport should always be valid at least 6 months AFTER you travel.  Check it out now to make your travel easier.

There's nothing like a cruise to ease your tensions. Nothing to plan, nothing to worry about. Just show up and enjoy the vacation. Explore our complete inventory of cruise specials to find your perfect getaway! 



1.  All your meals are included (You can eat 11 times a day!  - NO check)

2.  There is something for everyone - swim, sun, spa, fitness, kid's club, dancing, casino, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, or just RELAXING!

3.  No driving.

4.  No one can get lost - they are on the ship somewhere.

5.  Size IS important.  Most ships are 3 football fields end-to-end long.

6.  People pick up after you.

7.  You are close enough to contact, but far enough away to make a difference.

8.  Individual programs for Individual People.

9.  Evening cabaret style shows, karoke, piano bars, Broadway style shows -take your pick!

10.  Cost Value exceeds expectations.

Click on the cruise line logo to go directly to their site, fill in your interests, or choose the destination.  It's that easy!

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