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From the U.S. to Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia.

We have experienced many places - check them out. 

      Most recently we have cruised from Venice to the Greek Islands.  Starting in Venice, you get the feel of the old world.  Beautiful St. Mark's Square is just steps away from the gondolas that transport passengers and characterize Venice.  By evening you are entertained by music from every square as you watch the traffic on the Grand Canal. 

     Croatia is a delightful area that brings both the ancient and the modern together.  A drive along the Dalmatian Coast reveals small villages with cozy harbors that offer a relaxing afternoon in beautiful settings. Whether you walk the wall of the old city of Dubrovnik or head out into the countryside, you are surrounded by welcoming people and wonderful vistas. 

     As the cruise continues, the breathtaking views of Santorini, Greece appear.  From the black sand beaches with clear water you look above to the villages that cling to volcanic cliffs.  The unique white buildings with vibrant blue roofs are exactly as you have seen on postcards.  

     A short drive away from the port of Piraeus is Athens with all of its history.  As you drive down modern streets, you can see the remains of an ancient civilization.  Home of the Olympics, there are many structures still remaining.  Be prepared to walk up to the Acropolis.  Quite the hike, but worth it.  So many of the old structures are being worked on to preserve the history.  Don't forget to sample the stuffed grape leaves...yum!